Tritility Celebrates the 100-Employee Milestone

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February 27, 2023
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Tritility Celebrates the 100-Employee Milestone

Creating ‘Something Special’

Erin, a Senior Account Manager who has been with us since the beginning, remembers what it was like in the early days of Tritility. “It was so exciting. The amazing buzz of the company has been there from day one,” she says.

By the end of our first year, we’d grown five-fold. Rebecca, the first member of our marketing team, says joining Tritility in November 2019 was like joining a family. “It was close-knit. The business was really starting to take off, and there was such a feeling of excitement. We were all pulling together to create something really special.”

Did Rebecca feel the business was poised for success? “Oh, absolutely,” she says. “The directors really lived the values of the company. Tritility was built on a model of sustainable growth. Every business decision was made with long term success in mind, as opposed to focusing on quick wins.

“For [our Directors] Jamie and Jonathan, it’s all about forging lasting relationships, whether that’s with suppliers, clients, partners or our own staff. That has been a crucial part of our success.”

World Class Employer

Despite our growth, we’ve worked hard to maintain that ‘close-knit’ spirit. And it is our collaborative culture that earned us ‘World Class to Work For’ status from Best Companies last month. We’ve also been listed as one of the top 100 medium-sized companies to work for in the UK, based on staff feedback and engagement levels.

Rebecca feels we’ve retained the qualities that originally made us unique. “At Tritility, people don’t have to conform to our culture. Our culture is moulded by our employees, and we embrace people’s differences. We hire talented people, and we give them the freedom to work the way they work best. There’s no micromanagement, and we trust people enough to give them autonomy.”

This, says Rebecca, fosters loyalty and job satisfaction. “People care about their colleagues, their work and the company.”

Erin agrees. “Staff are still valued,” she says. “Departments work together, and regardless of position in the company, everyone is treated equally.”

The Next Chapter

We maintain our commitment to sustainable growth, though the pace of our expansion has increased significantly this year. This month, we’ve opened a second site in Jarrow, which will enable us to create a further 70 living wage jobs.

We’ve also opened the Tritility Academy at our newly-refurbished and expanded Washington office. This accommodates 22 Kickstart trainees, who are working towards becoming fully-fledged Energy Consultants.

Our new academy, coupled with our ‘Best Employer’ status, will help us to continue attracting some of the best talent, both from within and outside of the energy industry.

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