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When you switch your business energy with us, you'll have access to our dedicated Client Support team from day one.

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Account Management

All too often, clients will only hear from their energy consultants at contract renewal time. Our business model is different. We want to move away from the ‘transactional’ nature of commercial energy contracts, and instead focus on lasting relationships. That’s why you can expect advice and support throughout our time working together.

We can handle your connections, billing and metering. We’ll make sure you’re not overspending and help you to manage your usage. We can also help you with questions relating to hardware, carbon and renewables.

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No extra charge

Our account management and client support services come at no extra charge.
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Bill Analysis

We can check your past bills for discrepancies, such as CCL (Climate Change Levy) overpayments or wrongly-applied tariffs.
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We’ll arrange installation of Smart Meters, so you don't have to worry about readings or estimated bills. We can also help with meter readings, regardless of whether your contract with us has started.
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Your Queries Answered

It's quick and easy to get in touch with our dedicated client support team, who will deal with all your energy enquiries.
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Support from Day One

Whether your new supply starts in two weeks or in two years, we'll support you from the day you sign with us.
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Regulatory Compliance

Our experts understand the complexities of regulatory requirements, including ESOS and CCA. We’ll help you navigate your responsibilities to ensure your business is compliant.
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