Client Success Stories

With expert guidance and tools, we support businesses to make substantial reductions in their energy costs, consumption and carbon output.

Here four of our clients explain how we've helped them take control of their utilities.

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Client Testimonials

APS Group


APS Group produces over 20,000 tons of tomatoes each year, supplying most of the UK’s major supermarkets.

We helped APS Group secure suitable energy tariffs based on their business needs. Via our Energy Monitoring Platform, they were able to visualise their usage. We installed loggers on their packing lines and chillers to establish how their energy was being used.

This data allowed them to streamline their packing lines and better align their chiller settings with ambient temperatures. This significantly improved efficiency, cutting cost, consumption and carbon output.

The Client Says...

"To reduce our energy use and carbon output in our pack house, we work closely with Alex, Erin and Jamie [from Tritility]. Over the past couple of years that’s opened new opportunities for us to look at exactly where we were using our energy. We’ve put specific meters now on each line, and found we were overusing chillers.

"Driving along in my car I think up an idea that I want to measure. I phone up, and two days later I’m looking at it. It’s a game changer."

Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust


DBAT is a multi-academy trust, with 15 schools in South-West England. Their aim was clear: to spend less on energy and more on education.

With multiple suppliers, their contracts were complex and time-consuming to manage. We brought all their contracts under one supplier, and helped them to select more favourable tariffs. We gave them full visibility of their half-hourly usage, not only for each site, but for individual areas such as kitchens.

They are now able to identify where the most energy is being used and where it could be reduced, significantly cutting waste. They have also saved time by passing day to day management of their energy to Tritility.

The Client Says...

"I have a really good working relationship with key people in Tritility and it’s fantastic.

"[We had] a really complex setup with the utility bills and providers. [Our Account Manager] Alan has stepped me through it. If I have a problem...I’m on the phone to him and he’s sorting it. [Sometimes] I might not know there’s a problem, but he contacts me and says “I’ve picked this up, this is what I’m doing about it.”

We’ve benefited hugely from Tritility’s Energy Management Services. It's valuable data, so we can show the trust what we’re spending on utilities. We could work with any school now who wanted to come and be a part of DBAT, and help them get control of these costs so they too can spend more on education and less on wasted electricity and wasted gas."

Life Leisure


Life Leisure operates leisure centres and swimming pools on behalf of Stockport Council, helping the community to stay fit and active.

They were moving away from the Local Authority Procurement Framework, and needed help finding the right energy and water tariffs. We conducted a detailed assessment of their consumption, and secured contracts tailored to their needs.

We then identified that they could make significant additional savings by managing their usage. By introducing energy-saving measures, the client was able to reduce their usage by 8%.

The Client Says...

"What I value most from my experience with Tritility is that they do what they say they’re going to do.

Life Leisure are currently working towards reducing their carbon output following the huge increase in energy costs. An energy plan at each site aims to gradually reduce energy consumption. Key to this is getting the data right, and Tritility have really helped us to improve our data collection and analysis. We’re at the start of a journey that has already seen us reduce consumption from a year ago by around 8%. Tritility have been a wonderful company to work with."

Spice Empire


Like many UK businesses, Indian restaurant Spice Empire struggled to cope with ever-rising energy costs. A change in tenancy had left Spice Empire’s gas and electricity supply on out-of-contract rates. Their request for smart meters went unanswered by the previous supplier, which only raised the owners’ concerns about their unregulated energy usage. However, as communication with the providers proved difficult, they were unable to settle any of these matters.

How We Helped...

Our energy experts reviewed Spice Empire's bills and spotted significant errors in the charges. Without a contract in place, the restaurant was paying higher rates that didn't reflect their consumption. We promptly resumed supplier communication to fix these issues, creating an energy management plan that suited the restaurant’s specific energy needs. We secured new gas and electricity contracts for Spice Empire that saved them significantly over their five-year contract.