We are Tritility

We are a business energy consultancy based in the North-East of England. We help businesses to take control of their utilities by providing procurement, tools and expert consultancy.

Our Story


  • Jan 2019
    Tritility is founded by Jamie Wyatt and Jonathan Gould. Tritility is built on
    the principles of great service and
    people-centred culture
  • Sep 2019
    Tritility becomes the first Business Energy Consultancy in the North East to gain
    Living Wage Employer status
  • Dec 2019
    Tritility flourishes, re-modelling its office
    and expanding its client base to nearly 1,000 businesses


  • Jan 2020
    Tritility celebrates its first birthday. After one year in business, Tritility is attracting more and more talent, and the team grows to 50
  • Mar 2020
    Tritility launches its Energy Management System. This is welcomed by our clients, who can now visualise their energy usage in just a few clicks
  • Oct 2020
    Our office expands, with a new sales floor, meeting rooms and offices to accommodate our now 70-strong team
  • Dec 2020
    Tritility wins the TELCA Diversity Pioneers Award for its commitment to social mobility and for lifting barriers to work


  • Jan 2021
    Tritility launches its LEAD Management Training Programme, providing a pathway to leadership for talented individuals
  • Feb 2021
    As our sales team grows again, we expand into our second office premises in Jarrow. At our HQ, the Tritility training academy takes shape
About tritility

We Do Things Differently

When Jamie Wyatt and Jonathan Gould founded Tritility, their goal was to provide a genuine alternative to the standard energy TPI model. Business energy has traditionally been ‘transactional’: a cost to compare and a bill to be paid. Many of our clients are accustomed to using a TPI simply as a ‘price comparison service’, with interaction limited to contract renewal time.

Our approach is different – we focus on building lasting relationships through an ongoing consultative approach, offering guidance and support at every stage of the journey. This is central to our values.

At Tritility, people come first. That means our staff, clients and partners can always expect to be treated with honesty and respect. We always act transparently, and we’ll only make proposals that we feel will genuinely benefit the client. We voluntarily subscribe to the TPI Code of Practice, which complements our own rigorous compliance and auditing processes.

Our Founders

Meet Jamie and Jonathan, the founders of Tritility.
Jonathan Gould
Tritility co-founder and director, has 20 years of experience in energy. Jonathan has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and his experience includes renewable technologies (Solar, GSHP/ASHP) and leading B2C & B2B energy sales teams.
Jamie Wyatt
founded Tritility with Jonathan in January 2019. Before this, Jamie worked in software development and marketing. Jamie is a member of the Chartered Management Institute and has a Bachelors degree in Financial Management. Jamie also owns a cocktail bar in Durham City which features heavily as a venue for staff nights out.
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5 stars
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5 stars
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Accreditations and Recognition

We are ranked by 'Best Companies' among the top 100 mid-size UK employers.
We have been recognised as one of the top 30 employers in the North East.
We are ranked as one of the top 30 Consultancies to work for in the UK.
We've hold the maximum three stars for employee engagement, making us 'World Class to Work For'.
We won the 2020 TELCA Diversity Pioneers Award, for our commitment to diversity and social mobility.
We are an accredited Mindful Employer, working towards better mental health in the workplace.
We are ranked ninth best mid-sized employer in the UK by 'Best Companies'.
We are ranked as one of the top five Consultancies to work for in the UK.
We have been named one of the top five employers in the North East.
We are proud to announce that we’ve been awarded the maximum three out of three stars from ‘Best Companies‘.
We're the proud 2020 winners of the TELCA Disability Pioneers award for our commitment to inclusivity and equality.
Our participation in the DWP Disability Confident programme helps us to provide an inclusive environment.
We voluntarily subscribe to the TPI Code of Practice, pledging to act with honesty and fairness.
As the first North-East Business Energy Consultancy to gain Living Wage Status, we support this vital initiative.