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Your School Needs an Energy Strategy

With budgets tightening and inflation straining your limited resources, keeping up with the energy market, comparing quotes, and negotiating contracts is a challenge.

We will provide the tools you need to take control of your energy with the least possible effort, saving you time trawling the market and helping you gain confidence in your energy future.

We will:

  • Secure the best energy deal for your school
  • Manage suppliers and reduce your admin workload
  • Ensure you only pay for what you use
  • Reduce your energy cost and consumption

Our Carbon and Financial Efficiency Strategy

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  • Energy Futures Insights
  • Suppliers and Contracts
  • Electricity, Gas and Water
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  • Supplier Admin
  • Bill Validation and Consolidation
  • Compliance, Funding and Audits


  • Energy Monitoring System
  • Renewables and Energy Audits
  • Behavioural Training

Business Energy Suppliers

Your Net Zero Journey

The Schools Strategy White Paper 2023 outlines a comprehensive approach to Net Zero, requiring all schools to become more energy efficient and reduce emissions. By acting now, schools can lock in long-term cost and emission reductions, making them more sustainable and resilient for the future.

Get help with your Net Zero plan

Energy Tax Efficiency

Many schools overpay energy taxes, including VAT at 20% and the Climate Change Levy. We can help you reduce your energy tax burden by over 75% and claim back up to 4 years of overpayments.

Find out if you’re overcharged

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Our Energy Monitoring System (EMS) allows you to report your school's energy efficiency measures with granular data across consumption and individual equipment performance. Not sure if the SECR guidelines apply to your school? Your account manager will review your case and recommend a strategy.


Reducing Your Water Cost and Consumption

With efficient water use practices, you could save more on your school’s water costs and consumption and make the most of your budget.

As your water advisor, we will:

  • Compare water tariffs and help you switch to a more competitive provider
  • Procure fixed-rate water contracts
  • Accurately measure your water usage
  • Handle all admin with your water wholesaler and supplier
  • Manage surface and highway drainage charges admin
Take control of your water


Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust

DBAT is a multi-academy trust, with 15 schools in South-West England. Their aim was clear: to spend less on energy and more on education.

With multiple suppliers, their contracts were complex and time-consuming to manage. We brought all their contracts under one supplier, and helped them select more favourable tariffs. We gave them full visibility of their half-hourly usage, not only for each site, but for individual areas such as kitchens.

They are now able to identify where the most energy is being used and where it could be reduced, significantly cutting waste. They have also saved time by passing day to day management of their energy to Tritility.

Click to Download Client Success Story: DBAT
Click to Download Client Success Story: Derbyshire Multi Academy

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