Why Every Friday is Employee Appreciation Day at Tritility

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February 27, 2023
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Friday Employee Appreciation Day at Tritility

It’s Employee Appreciation Day, so we’ve got some delicious treats lined up for our amazing team. And although we’re pulling out the stops for the occasion, at Tritility every Friday is employee appreciation day.

Celebrating Achievement All Year Round

This morning, we’ve got breakfast butties and sweet treats for everyone. It’s our way of saying thank you to our valued employees for their fantastic work. But we believe in showing our appreciation all year round, and that’s why, at the end of each and every week, we stop what we’re doing to celebrate each other’s recent successes. These range from major achievements that affect the whole business, to small acts that demonstrate a commitment to our values.

The smaller acts can so easily be overlooked, but they are no less important. And acknowledging them is a great way to show our employees that little steps can lead to positive change. So each Friday we name two Stars of the Week, with a prize for each, and give special mentions to the runners up. And though we can no longer gather in our breakout room for the event, we can all catch the video presentation from our workstations.

For grander achievements, we have Employee of the Month, as well as various spot prizes and incentives.

Then the weekend starts early for everyone: Each Friday we finish at 3:00 in recognition for a job well done.

Employee Appreciation and Mental Health

Rewarding great performance is not just about incentivising good work. It forms part of our strategy for promoting good mental health. Praise and encouragement are listed by the WHO as possible ways of reducing workplace stress. And guidance by mental health charity Mind encourages managers to reward employees’ capabilities and praise good work.

So while we fully support Employee Appreciation Day, we believe that showing our gratitude day in, day out, is a more effective means of supporting wellbeing. We want our valued employees to know that success comes in many forms, and that it’s not just about big numbers: it’s about how we act towards one another all the time.

If you’re interested in joining a company that celebrates achievement in all its forms, visit our careers page.