What Can an Energy Consultant Do for Your Business?

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March 11, 2024
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What Can an Energy Consultant Do for Your Business?

Between managing staff, finances, and daily operations, keeping on top of energy costs can easily become an afterthought for busy businesses. That's where an energy consultant can be your valuable partner.

Energy Consultants, not Brokers

Unlike energy brokers, who simply match you with a new supplier, we focus on value as well as price. If you’re looking for a lower energy rate, an energy broker might be enough. But for a granular analysis of your consumption and a broader cost-saving strategy, you need a consultant.

The Role of an Energy Consultant

A business energy consultant will work closely with you to help manage your business utilities. This includes finding energy deals, areas where you can save money, and improving energy efficiency for long-term savings. Here's how we do it:


It's not just in our name, it's in our commitment to understanding your energy needs. That’s why we don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution but instead take the time to understand your business goals and priorities rather than focusing on cost alone.

Energy Procurement

Comparing tariffs can be time-consuming, and an in-depth market comparison involves looking beyond unit rates alone. That’s where we can add real value, saving you money, time, and hassle. We negotiate rates with all major UK suppliers, giving you all the necessary information on renewals, terms, and potential changes in your contracts.

Energy Audits

Energy audits detect energy waste in your buildings or individual equipment. That process requires continuous monitoring. Our Energy Monitoring System (EMS) tracks your individual machines and meters to show how much energy your business uses at its lowest and highest demand. That allows you to track your usage, expenditure, and carbon footprint so you can replace equipment that doesn’t meet performance standards and avoid any surprise costs.

Bill Analysis

Our expert energy consultancy includes a review of your past bills to identify potential errors, inconsistent meter readings, and refunds you might be due.

Real-time Energy Data

Switching your energy through Tritility entitles you access to our EMS. Using data from your Half Hourly Meter, this dashboard lets you track your usage, expenditure, and carbon footprint, giving you full insight and control over your utilities.

Energy-efficient Solutions

We look at different ways to improve your energy use, from simple adjustments to changes in infrastructure. For example, we can help you upgrade to energy-efficient lighting or install renewable energy hardware and solar panels without the hassle of sourcing and arranging these solutions.

Change of Tenancy

Moving to new premises or expanding? We’ll help with all your new connections, installations, and metering.

Future Budget

We know price is important to you. But we also know that great service, accuracy of billing and environmental credentials can be crucial too. And with the variety of products and tariffs available through Tritility, we can secure your energy efficiency strategy for the future.

Reaching Net Zero

We're on our own Net Zero journey, so we know how important carbon reduction is for your business. We can help set an actionable plan and achieve your Ney Zero goals, from tracking your emissions to getting your carbon data independently assessed.

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Your Partner in Energy Efficiency

Once you sign a new energy contract with Tritility, you're immediately assigned a dedicated account manager. This means you'll receive energy management support well in advance of your switchover date. Whether you're a small or large business, we are with you for the whole journey.

Transparency You Can Trust

Our goal is to inform you and empower you to make confident decisions. We voluntarily subscribe to the industry's TPI Code of Practice, and our commitment to our clients and fair business practices have been recognised by the Good Business Charter.

Ready to Take Control of Your Business Energy?

The daily demands of running a business can leave many priorities competing for attention. Having an energy expert that can help you buy and manage your business energy gives you long-term peace of mind, knowing you're not wasting your business resources.

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