Understanding Non-Commodity Costs: A Workshop by Cornwall Insight

Tritility Employees Holding their Cornwall Insight Training Certificates
May 14, 2024
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Understanding Non-Commodity Costs: A Workshop by Cornwall Insight

With Net Zero targets fast approaching and regulations constantly evolving, the energy industry is in a state of flux, making it crucial for businesses to stay informed and compliant.

Trusted Experts in Energy Market Intelligence

Industry experts like Cornwall Insight offer bespoke training seminars and workshops that target the complex regulations and requirements of the energy sector. These sessions help businesses and third-party organisations improve their services and equip clients to make smart energy choices.

We recently put this expertise to work firsthand with Cornwall Insight, a leading name in energy market intelligence, visiting our office to deliver a bespoke Non-Commodity Costs Training Workshop for our team of energy consultants, client services advisors, and compliance analysts.

Cornwall Insight's Associate Director Edward Reed has a demonstrated history of working in the utilities industry.

Benefits for Our Team of Energy Experts

• Our consultants are now better equipped to meet the ever-changing demands of the energy market and help our clients make well-informed decisions.

• We can provide a deeper understanding of how energy prices are determined, including the impact of non-commodity costs.

• We’re even better prepared to advise our clients on achieving their Net Zero goals.

Barrie Iddon, Quality and Compliance Analyst at Tritility, shared his thoughts after completing the training:

"I’ve got years of experience in the energy industry, but the sheer volume of information we received during this training covered areas I haven't seen anywhere else. Now all this material is something that I can refer back to when doing compliance reviews.’’

‘’For third-party consultancies, understanding pricing goes beyond just delivery – it’s important to understand where a price comes from, how and why the non-commodity costs build up, and what can affect them,’’ he added.

‘’Edward’s presentation was very informative and kept us engaged and interested till the end,’’ Clark Stead, Quality and Compliance Analyst, comments. ‘’Cornwall Insight offer a greater understanding of the sector as a whole, no matter your experience within the energy industry.’’

Chloe Simpson, Key Accounts Manager, adds, ‘’One of the biggest challenges we face is keeping up with the changes in the energy market. The training provided by the company through Cornwall Insight helps us prepare to meet this demand with material we can use to explain to our clients where their energy prices are coming from.’’

Why Non-Commodity Costs Matter

Your business energy bill includes more than just the cost of the gas or electricity you use. Licensed suppliers pass on a variety of non-commodity charges (also known as third-party charges) to cover the costs of maintaining the energy grid, government programmes, and other expenses not directly related to energy itself.

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For more information about Cornwall Insight and their training, visit their website or email enquiries@cornwall-insight.com.

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