Tritility Welcomes Its Fourth Apprentice

Tritility apprentices
February 27, 2023
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Tritility Welcomes Its Fourth Apprentice

Each year thousands of people enrol on an apprenticeship to start or further their career. At Tritility we are proud to have taken on four new apprentices in roles such as admin, telesales and PHP development assistant over the last six months. We welcomed our most recent recruit, Brooke, earlier this year when she became our second admin apprentice.

The younger generation undoubtedly brings a fresh and enthusiastic approach to business. That’s why we are keen to keep increasing the number of apprentices working at Tritility. With help and encouragement in a role they enjoy, our apprentices are learning the skills they need within their chosen sector which will serve them well as they build their careers. We also aim to offer our apprentices the opportunity to become a full-time employee once their course has been completed.

All of our current apprentices have been recruited through Sunderland College and QA apprenticeships. Both providers offer a well-balanced scheme combining workplace experience and assignment-based work.

Ellen joined as an admin apprentice through Sunderland College. ‘I wanted to do more than just work in bars and stuff, that’s why I took on an admin apprenticeship. Now I’m in a job that I enjoy and always learning new skills in as well as earning a wage. It’s the best of both worlds really and much more beneficial for my future’. The skills and experience which Ellen has acquired are transforming her quickly into a valuable member of our admin team.

The benefits of hiring an apprentice.

Hiring an apprentice has considerable benefits for both employers and apprentices. Employers get the chance to create skilled employees at a cost-effective price – benefiting both the business and the wider community. By investing in and providing them with the opportunity to develop their skills and start a career, the business gains an employee trained to their high standards.

Callum Lawn, Head of Recruitment, highlights the positive impact the apprentices have had since joining Tritility. ‘The apprentice system is essential to the success and growth plans within Tritility. Not only does it enable us to develop and nurture skills to fit within the DNA of Tritility, but to develop them as people and employees.’

There has been a significant increase in the amount of apprenticeship starts nationally over the last two years. August 2017 – July 2018 saw around 369,700 apprenticeship starts with an extra 19,500 starts the following year*, and Tritility would love to keep that number rising. If you’re interested in starting an apprenticeship with us then please contact Callum Lawn via email or call 0191 367 5040.

*389,200 apprenticeship starts reported Aug 2018 – Jul 2019
369,700 apprenticeship starts reported Aug 2017 – Jul 2018
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