Tritility Looks Back Over Two Successful Years

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February 27, 2023
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Looking Back Over Two Successful Years of Tritility

Two years ago today, Tritility opened its doors. Three major expansions and many happy clients later, we take a look back over some of the highlights.

January 2019: The Journey Begins

As 2019 began, so did a new chapter for our founders Jamie and Jonathan. Their vision was to create a business energy consultancy with a difference. One where people came first, and where the old ‘transactional’ approach to client care was turned on its head. Tritility would put consultancy before selling, and treat its people as individuals, not numbers. Armed with this vision, and a team of two employees, the journey began.

September 2019: Tritility Becomes an Accredited Living Wage Employer

Throughout our first year, our little team of four continued to grow. We remained dedicated to employee care, and nine months after opening, we became the first Business Energy Consultancy in the North East to gain Living Wage Employer status.

2020: A New Era

As 2020 dawned, we passed several significant milestones. By our first birthday in January, we were working with over a thousand clients. And by April, our online Energy Management Service was helping them to save more money – and carbon – than ever before.

As the UK entered its first national lockdown, COVID put the brakes on expansion plans for many businesses. But we continued to grow, and in summer 2020 we increased our team to 50, and expanded our office with the addition of a new sales floor.

The Tritility Academy

By autumn 2020, 50 employees had become 70. And with our expansion showing no signs of slowing down, we started building the Tritility Academy.

Via The Academy, we’ll deliver an intensive training programme for new recruits. Not only will this enable us to bring in talented people from outside the industry, it will also help us maintain our reputation for excellence in client care.

Investing in People

Our commitment to promoting social mobility through our training and apprenticeship schemes helped to earn us a TELCA award in December 2020. The Diversity Pioneers Award is given to businesses who celebrate difference and lift barriers to employment – an achievement of which we are immensely proud.

Our training programmes aren’t limited to new recruits. In January 2021 we launched the Tritility LEAD Programme, providing a pathway to leadership for our existing sales staff. This 12-module course will teach the whole spectrum of management skills, from monitoring performance to motivating a team, sales forecasting and interviewing skills.

The Adventure Continues

Our plans for 2021 include a refreshed brand, a revamped office and yet more steady, sustainable growth. As we celebrate our birthday today, we also celebrate the phenomenal team, and the valued clients, who have contributed to our success over the past two years. Here’s to many more!