Tritility Kicks Off the New Season with Dundee North End

Dundee North End FC team members wearing a uniform with the Tritility logo.
September 21, 2023
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Tritility Kicks Off the Season with Dundee North End

This autumn, we’re proud to support the Dundee North End Football Club by sponsoring the team on what we hope will be another successful season on the pitch.  

A Long History of Achievements

Although they go by the nickname Dokens, the Dundee North End FC have been anything but through the years, helping talented young players since 1895.

Dundee North End is run by a visionary committee with strong community values. They support charities such as Help for Kids Xmas Toy Appeal and do important community work through NHS Tayside.

In addition to running their own facilities at the Dundee North End Park, the team hosts 23 cups a year under the management of former Cardiff City players Kevin McNaughton and Lewis Toshney.

This year, however, the rising cost of living has made it tougher to maintain facilities and support the coaching of junior players, making the need for local contributions and sponsorships more essential than ever.

Bruce Harper, the club's manager, notes:

‘’Thanks to Tritility's sponsorship, we'll be able to provide free football for underprivileged kids and people with disabilities. We're very grateful for every sponsorship we get over the season, and we hope to make up for it with hospitality.’’

Sponsoring a Brighter Future

With our sponsorship, we aim to support the maintenance of the club's facilities at Dundee North End Park and ensure young players of all backgrounds have access to coaching.

Gary Manini, Tritility's Business Development Manager, who is in close contact with the club, commented:

‘’It’s important for businesses to be involved in their local communities as it also helps develop the local area. I’m proud we’re sponsoring a local junior team with such a long history of achievements, and I look forward to a long and successful partnership.’’

We’re proud to support the youth of Dundee by sponsoring an organisation with over 120 years of history, and we look forward to another successful season for Dundee North End FC.

Photo credits: Craig Chalmers Photography