Tritility Gains Better Health at Work Silver Accreditation

Tritility Earns a Better Health Award
February 27, 2023
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Tritility Gains Better Health at Work Silver Accreditation

The Better Health at Work Award recognises the efforts of employers addressing health issues within the workplace. Since gaining a bronze accreditation last year, we’ve continued to ramp up our wellbeing strategy. From healthy eating days to manager training, wellbeing is always at the forefront of life at Tritility.

Making Wellbeing Fun

In the early days of our wellbeing strategy, we distributed information to staff on a range of health topics. However, as we move towards a Gold award, our approach has become more interactive. Drop-in sessions, team activities and organised events have now become a staple of our approach.

Earlier this year, we ran a sugar awareness session, in which we challenged employees to match their favourite drinks with the correct sugar content.

“The fact that one can of cola is like drinking a cup of tea with seven spoons of sugar is eye opening,” said one employee. “I’ve probably heard it somewhere before, but actually seeing a pile of sugar lumps next to my favourite drink has made me think again about my habits.”

Wider Factors

The Better Health at Work Award encourages employers to think beyond the immediate causes of poor health. Covering topics like smoking, stress and alcohol are vital, but in order to make a meaningful impact, we must look at wider social and behavioural factors.

For example, the focus of our latest campaign is gambling, to coincide with Safer Gambling Week (17th-23rd October). Activities include an interactive self-assessment, distributed via QR cards to all staff. We also have a quiz which debunks some of the myths around gambling, as well as posters, leaflets and a presentation to staff with key facts and resources on the topic.

Later in the year we will cover topics like body image, sleep and resilience.

L-R: Bex Carins with her Health Advocate of the Year Award; Employees learn about the sugar content of their favourite drinks; Tritility wins the TELCA Wellbeing and Diversity Award 2021; A table set out for a dental and sexual health event.

“Outstanding Submission”

In their feedback report, assessor Craig Hodgson said: “This is another outstanding submission from Tritility, building on what was an excellent first submission at Bronze. They continue to demonstrate that they are committed to promoting health and wellbeing within the organisation with employee needs at the centre of everything they do. Campaign delivery is thoughtful, engaging and carried out to a very high standard.”

The quality of our Bronze submission had previously earned our in-house Wellbeing co-ordinator, Bex Carins, the title of Health Advocate of the Year (Sunderland) 2022.

Get Involved

If you’re an employer who is considering ways to improve your employee wellbeing, you too can sign up to the Better Health at Work scheme. More information can be found on their website.