Setting Up an Energy Contract for your Business: The Basics

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April 24, 2023
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Setting Up an Energy Contract for your Business

If you’re moving to new premises, you’ll have enough to think about without worrying about connecting your utilities. So here we explain the process of setting up an energy contract for your business when you move.

When to Start Looking

We ask our clients to get in touch with us at least 30 days before their move, to ensure a smooth transition of their energy.

It’s important to avoid leaving your energy until the last minute. Energy contracts can be arranged long in advance – we can help clients secure their rates two years before their current contract ends. So as soon as you start to organise your move, it’s wise to start shopping around for energy tariffs, or get in touch with us, and we’ll do the hard work.

Reviewing Your Energy Needs

In order to set up an energy contract for your business, it’s useful to get a picture of your average usage. If you procure your energy through Tritility, we’ll do all this for you using your past readings. We will also take into account the size of your premises, the type of equipment you use and your operating hours.

If you’re procuring your energy directly from a supplier, it will be useful to have this information to hand.

Comparing Energy Suppliers

Once you have a good understanding of your energy needs, you can start to compare energy suppliers. For many, price is going to be the key factor in choosing the right supplier, but you may also want to consider contract length, the supplier’s customer service track record, green credentials and any additional services they offer.

Make sure to read any contracts carefully before signing to ensure you understand the terms and conditions.

Provide Meter Readings

After signing up with a supplier, you'll need to provide meter readings to ensure accurate billing. Make sure to provide these readings on time to avoid any billing discrepancies.

Manage Your Energy Usage

Once you're set up with an energy contract, it's important to manage your energy usage to ensure you're getting the most out of your contract. This might involve implementing energy-saving measures or investing in energy-efficient equipment.

If you procure your energy through Tritility, you’ll have access to our Energy Monitoring platform, which gives you full visibility of your usage, expenditure and carbon emissions in the form of graphs, charts and heatmaps.

More Information

For more information on setting up energy contracts for your business, read our guides to Business Energy Procurement.

For advice and help with setting up your new premises, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. And if you need to source a new energy tariff, why not start by getting a quote, and let’s see how much we could save you.