New Electricity Connections: About your Distribution Network Operator

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April 27, 2023
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When moving your utilities to your new premises, it’s important to understand the role of the Distribution Network Operator (DNO). In this article, we look at the role the DNO plays in your new electricity connections, as well as why and when you would need to contact your local DNO.

What are the Distribution Network Operators

The DNO is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the electricity distribution network, along with ensuring your new premises are connected to the grid safely and efficiently. The national grid will transfer the electricity from its generation source, ready for the DNO to send to homes and businesses.

Your designated DNO will depend on your premises location, something you can find out by typing your postcode into the Energy Network Association database. Once you have identified your local DNO, you will then be able to contact them about connecting your new premises or any other metering queries you have.

As your energy consultants, we can liaise with the DNO on your behalf and guide you through the process of your new electricity connections.

New Electricity Connection Point

If your premises are newly built, the DNO will need contacting to set up your new electricity connection point. This process usually starts with a site survey to determine the best way to connect your premises to the network and ensure that the connection meets safety standards.

The DNO will also be responsible for upgrading the network, if necessary, so it copes with the additional energy demand from your business. Find out more about setting up your new electricity connection point here.

Electricity Meter Installation

Once your new electricity connection is set up, you will need to make sure your new premises have a meter installed. Both the DNO and your electricity supplier can install this for you. They will ensure the meter meets safety standards and is correctly connected to the electricity distribution network.

If you’re moving into premises that have already had a supply, it’s likely there will already be a meter installed for you, however, you may still need to change your meter type. For example, switching from a standard meter to a Half Hourly. Your supplier or energy consultant will be able to arrange all this for you.

Maintenance Work and Remaining Compliant

The DNO is responsible for any maintenance. They will carry out regular inspections and repair work, as well as keep the network upgraded and respond to any faults or outages that may cause your premises to lose power.

Use an energy consultant

Setting up your new electricity connections can be daunting for some business owners, but that’s where we can help. As your energy consultant, we can liaise with the DNO on your behalf to organise any work or installations you need to make the process run smoothly.