Meet Our Expert Trainers Helping to Kick Start Young People’s Careers

Deb Kierl and Gavin Hargrave of Tritility
February 9, 2023
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Here they tell us a bit about themselves and the scheme, which aims to get unemployed young people back into rewarding work.

The Academy

The Tritility Kickstart Academy can accommodate up to 22 trainees, all of whom will join us via the government Kickstart scheme. Aimed at 18-24 year olds who are currently out of work and claiming Universal Credit, it equips candidates with a wide range of employability skills, as well as specific industry knowledge.

After six months of training, successful candidates will graduate as fully-fledged Energy Consultants, helping our clients to save money on their utilities. They will have the chance to earn significant commission in addition to their salary.

The Kickstart Team

The project is being led by Deb and Gavin, both of whom have substantial experience in adult education and workplace training.

Deb has worked with unemployed people ranging from ages 16 to 60, running courses to help them get back into employment. Deb had originally planned to join us as a sales coach, but her track record in supporting people to return to work made her an ideal fit for the Kickstart role.

Meanwhile, Gavin has worked as an Academy Manager in previous businesses, coaching candidates with no prior industry experience. He’s had a great deal of success in helping trainees attain the targets necessary to graduate.

No Experience Necessary

Our Kickstarters aren’t selected based on their past experience: a positive attitude is far more important. “I once interviewed someone who had never worked before but, even though very shy, seemed to have drive and determination to succeed,” says Gavin. “We offered her the role and she joined my grad bay team. With coaching support, she turned into one of the best agents I had ever had on a grad bay team. It didn’t take long for her to be challenging the top agents.”

The lesson here, says Gavin, is that people with no industry background can excel with the right outlook. Being part of this journey has always been hugely rewarding for Deb. “Seeing some of the people I’ve tutored being offered permanent jobs gives me such a feeling of job satisfaction,” she says. Deb is frequently contacted by former trainees who have flourished in their new roles.

Though bringing in upwards of 20 trainees is a time-consuming task, Deb and Gav have had the support of our fantastic recruitment team. And luckily for us, the talent pool has been impressive. “I’m pleased to say that the calibre of candidates has been really high,” says Deb.