Life as a Tritility Kickstart Trainee

Tritility Kickstart Scheme
March 9, 2023
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A Look at Life as a Tritility Kickstart Trainee

Since we opened our training academy in May, we’ve seen our Kickstart trainees progress in leaps and bounds. The programme has been so successful that we’re now recruiting for our second intake. Here, our current trainees tell us a bit about what life is like at the academy.

Embarking on a New Career Path

Kickstart candidates don’t need any prior experience – only a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new skills. The first few weeks consist of classroom learning, introducing the team to the work of Tritility and the wider energy industry.

When he joined the programme, Michael was surprised at how much support was available: “I thought we would just sit down and take phone call after phone call but we don’t. You get the proper training.” Grace, another trainee, agrees: “[The course leaders] Deb and Gav make it so that everything's broken down, and you don’t do too much work in one day.”

Once the team members are successfully trained, they will move to full-time hours. But while they’re learning, the day starts at 9:00 and ends at 3:00.

“I Was Extremely Nervous” – Lauren’s Journey

Lauren was daunted when she started the course. “I was extremely nervous and scared for what was to come. Now, I’m in my sixth week of kickstart getting ready to start going live! Even though I am still quite nervous I am also extremely confident and excited to start making calls, and starting my journey properly.”

Lauren feels that her increasing confidence is in part due to the support she has been given. “With all the training we’ve had, I couldn't have asked for anything more. My experience on kickstart so far has been brilliant, I couldn’t have asked for better managers to start my Tritility journey with. Gav and Deb have been absolutely fantastic with everything.”

“Friendly and Supportive” – Andrew’s Journey

Andrew's first two months on the Kickstart programme have been highly rewarding. “With Tritility, I have gained so much industry knowledge and a better understanding of the working environment.” Though it has been a learning curve, the support of the course leaders, and his colleagues, has helped him in his development. “The staff are super friendly and supportive with me and everyone else on the course, they make you feel at home with the company and if you are willing to work hard for them, they will work hard for you!”

“Different to your Ordinary Job” – Shannon’s Journey

Shannon has found her time at Tritility to be a unique experience. “I have found it different to your ordinary job, each day is different and is full of exciting new things.”

She has thrived on the dynamic of the team. “We have become our own little family, where each of us has their own strengths. We have supported each other rather than challenging each other.”

Shannon can’t wait to start progressing further, although she has thoroughly enjoyed the training phase. “No day is ever the same, from learning about the company to learning how to grow into lead generators. Deb and Gav have been great and have supported us, always ensuring we are happy and make the role fun.”

Apply to Become a Kickstart Junior Energy Consultant

The Tritility Kickstart programme is open to people aged between 18 and 24 who are currently unemployed and claiming Universal Credit.

Shannon would encourage anyone who is eligible for the Kickstart programme to apply. “I would highly recommend the scheme to anyone, this is a great way to kick start your career.”

Andrew agrees. “I highly recommend anyone who is looking for work right now to come along and join our Kickstart team, you will be guaranteed the help and support you need to get into the world of work. I cannot thank the company enough for this amazing opportunity I have been given!”

To apply, email or call 0191 367 5040. And to find out even more about our the Tritility Kickstart programme, watch this short video: