"It's Like One Big Family": Meet the Tritility Apprentices

Tritility Apprentices Kelsie and Emma
February 9, 2023
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Meet the Tritility Apprentices

At Tritility, we've been working with apprentices since our earliest days in business. Not only do apprenticeships support social mobility, they provide an excellent alternative to further and higher education, for those who prefer a more practical approach to learning.

Kelsie Day and Emma Robson sat down with us this week to tell us all about life as a Tritility apprentice.

"From the get-go, Tritility have always been very supportive of me," Emma said. "It's like one big family, as cliche as it sounds."

"I just thought being in that school environment wasn't for me, so starting my apprenticeship definitely was the right option," Kelsie added.

Watch the full interview below.