Helping Businesses to Achieve Net Zero Carbon

February 3, 2023
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Helping Businesses to Achieve Net Zero Carbon

In the wake of COP26, business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the need to start monitoring carbon emissions. The UK Government has pledged to reach zero carbon by 2050, and businesses have a major part to play in helping us get there.

In order to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint, we’ve become an official Future Net Zero Standard Solution Partner. This means we can provide your business with the tools and advice needed to stay ahead of the legislation.

What Net Zero Means for Your Business

Larger corporations are now legally required to report annually on their carbon emissions. This applies to businesses with 250 employees or £36m turnover or £18m of balance sheet assets. But In the wake of COP26, consultations are taking place with a view to widening the legislation to cover SMEs. It is therefore very likely that all businesses will be expected to report on their carbon emissions in the near future.

What’s more, if you supply goods or services to other businesses, they may require you to start reporting on your carbon emissions. This is because their whole supply chain will be assessed as part of their own Net Zero pledge - whether they've signed up voluntarily or as a legal requirement.

Our Net Zero Journey

Sustainability is central to our own business practices and values. That’s why we’ve been working towards reducing our carbon footprint since the early days of Tritility. We’ve now embarked on the next stage of this journey by making our own net zero pledge.

Our premises are powered by 100% renewable energy, via a combination of green tariffs and onsite solar panels. We’re now in the process of upgrading our fleet of company cars to hybrid vehicles.

About Future Net Zero

Future Net Zero was founded by Sumit Bose and Geoff Curran, two highly respected voices within the energy industry, boasting many years of experience in news, broadcast TV and radio. They are now using their platform to engage the business community, as well as politicians, academics, environmentalists and campaigners to create positive change.

Partnering with them has enabled us to deliver information, advice, software and a range of other tools to help our clients futureproof their businesses.

If you’re ready to start your Net Zero journey, or would simply like to find out more, visit our Future Net Zero page.