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June 3, 2024
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Switching your energy with us gives you access to our Energy Monitoring System (EMS), a practical tool you can use to track and budget your business energy use, costs, and carbon output.

Deeper insights, better decisions.

Our energy management system offers more than just basic consumption data. It provides comprehensive insights into your historical usage and billing, helping you identify daily peaks, consumption irregularities, and inefficient equipment. This detailed analysis allows you to uncover and prevent hidden costs before they impact your utility bills.

Key Features:

Personalised Dashboard: Get a clear view of your energy usage, costs, and CO2 outputs.

Comprehensive Meter Monitoring: Keep track of all meter types, including non-half-hourly and gas meters.

Out-of-Hours Data: Review your energy consumption during off-peak hours.

Granular Monitoring: Dive deep with circuit-level monitoring across departments and equipment

How it Works

Our clients get access to the EMS at no additional charge. Simply contact our team to schedule a free demo.

Get started within 20 minutes.

Our specialists will use your existing MPAN to set up a bespoke dashboard for your business. You'll receive trial login details on the same day, allowing you to access same-day data on gas, electricity, and water usage across all your sites.

Deeper insights, better decisions.

The EMS goes beyond basic consumption. Dive deeper into historical usage and billing data to identify daily peaks, consumption irregularities, and inefficient equipment. This level of detail helps you find and prevent hidden costs before they impact your utility bills.

Expert guidance, every step of the way.

Our team will guide you through every step of energy monitoring and answer all your questions to ensure you get the most out of the Energy Monitoring System.

Business Energy Solutions

From onsite renewables to EV Charging Points, our Energy Management team will go beyond data to discuss the best energy solutions for your business, including:

Solar import and export tariff contracts: Get paid a fixed rate for any excess renewable electricity you export to the grid from solar panels and EV charging points.

Demand Side Response (DSR): Large energy consumers can benefit from this tool by voluntarily reducing consumption during times when the grid is busiest and earning a pre-agreed payment.

By participating in Demand-Side Response (DSR) programmes, businesses may receive advance notice of potential power outages due to stress on the grid. This allows site managers to schedule maintenance during these periods and minimise disruption.*subject to your supplier’s Priority Services Register.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP): Generate electricity and thermal energy for your business and reduce reliance on the grid.


Carbon Reporting

With all your energy data easily accessible in one place, you can prepare for carbon efficiency targets in your sector to meet Climate Change Agreements (CCA) or apply for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

• Save more by cutting energy waste and invest in green energy.

• Upgrade or repair your equipment for a faster return on investment.

• Skip the weeks of waiting and get instant access to your data.

• Avoid penalties and disruptions by staying on top of regulations.

• Get support from day one, not when your contract goes live.

Client Success Story: APS Group

APS Group is the UK's largest organic tomato producer, growing over 500 million tomatoes annually. Their glasshouses, equipped with individual chillers, heaters, and lighting, naturally demand a lot of energy.

We procured tariffs that best suited these needs. That foresight made APS one of the first producers to invest in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engines – an innovation for commercial greenhouses that generates enough electricity to power over 200,000 homes annually, producing excess heat that warms the greenhouses without traditional boilers.

Beyond hardware solutions, our Energy Management System (EMS) provided granular data visibility, programmed chillers to turn off during downtime and installed smart sensors in packing lines to monitor airflow, pressure, and temperature fluctuations.

With energy audits and hardware installation support, we helped APS Group significantly reduce energy costs, carbon emissions, and reliance on the grid. By leading the way in resource management and energy efficiency, APS are now well on their way to achieving Net Zero goals.

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