Easiest ways to save energy in the office

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February 9, 2023
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One of the major factors which help a business to prosper is to keep your office running costs down. Strategies are put in place to maximise employee skills or use time efficiently, however, finding ways to reduce utility bills is often disregarded. Many offices lack of focus on energy adds unnecessary running costs, costing them more than necessary. Find out below what simple measures your office can take to help reduce the amount of energy being wasted.

Easiest ways to save energy in the office

Reducing the office temperature

Reducing the office temperature is one of the most cost-effective changes an office can make. Most offices face the challenges of the temperature wars and keeping it at a comfortable level is difficult no matter of the season. But by reducing the heating by one degree, you can save on business energy bills significantly. Encourage employees to wear a jumper or relax the dress code during the summer months to allow for cooler clothing to be worn. Particularly avoid using portable electric heaters as these are one of the most expensive heat sources.

Office equipment

We now live in a world where it is normal to regularly leave laptops, computers and printers on standby overnight. Although leaving on office equipment will not drain a huge amount of energy, these small amounts add up over time. It is best practice to switch off and unplug where possible all office equipment.

Kitchen equipment can also waste a significant amount of electricity when used inconsiderately, with kettles named as one of the worst offenders. Overfilling the kettle or only making one hot drink uses unnecessary electricity, leaving you with an excessive electric bill. Instead, encourage employees to make a round of drinks or set designated times.

Keep appliances up to date

Businesses often make the mistake of thinking that they are saving money by not upgrading old appliances. Unfortunately, this will only end up costing you more in the long term. Appliances which are out of date tend to use more electricity compared to newer, more efficient models which have been adapted to use power in an eco-friendlier way.


Investing in double glazed windows and wall insulation is a must for businesses wanting to reduce heating costs. The insulation will prevent the generated heat from escaping the office, reducing the amount of energy used. This keeps the office at a comfortable temperature whilst using less energy.


It is important to check your office lights use energy-efficient LED bulbs. Compared to a traditional incandescent bulb, they use considerably less energy. To avoid using energy unnecessarily, make sure all the office lights are turned off overnight. Installing motion detectors or time switches is also beneficial for preventing lights which are not in use being left on.

Go paperless

Not only will going paperless reduce the amount of energy used for printing, but it will also save on purchasing stationary. Instead, websites such as DocuSign and Google Docs are available to share or sign documents between work colleagues or clients. Plus, this will significantly reduce paper waste, benefiting the environment.

Switch to a cheaper energy deal

It’s important to regularly check your utility contracts to make sure they are set at the best price available. Energy suppliers are known for supplying their customers with a ‘loyalty tax’, where loyal customers often end up paying more compared to new customers. By regularly switching your business energy contract, this prevents suppliers from overcharging.

At Tritility Business Energy Consultants, we source the contract and supplier which best suits your business, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. See how much you could save by comparing and switching your energy provider by calling us on 0191 367 3676.