Be Future Positive Conference: Drax Showcases Innovative Technology

Edgbaston Cricket Ground
February 9, 2023
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Be Future Positive with Drax

The renewable energy supplier is investing in ground-breaking technology to create a brighter future for the planet.

Investing in our Future

Drax, a recent addition to our supplier portfolio, shared their vision for delivering cheaper, greener fuel to businesses.

Over the course of the past decade, Drax has transformed its North Yorkshire coal-fired power station into a sustainable biomass plant. Forestry waste that has little or no commercial use and is destined for incineration is turned into pellets, which are then used at the plant to produce reliable, renewable electricity. It is the UK’s biggest renewable power producer, generating enough renewable power for millions of homes and businesses.

The company is now developing carbon-capture technology to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it securely beneath the North Sea.

Nature Positive, Carbon Negative

Through the use of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) technology, Drax will become carbon negative by 2030.

However, Drax’s Director of Sustainability, Alan Knight OBE, outlined how the company is not limiting the scope of its work to climate change. They are also committed to achieving ‘nature positive’ and ‘people positive’ outcomes. This work includes preventing the loss of nature and restoring natural environments, as well as creating green jobs and investing in their local communities.

Alan Knight OBE

Benefits for Business

Drax’s significant investment in renewables will not only benefit the planet. It will also bring substantial benefits to its customers through affordable, sustainable energy.

At Tritility, we’ve teamed up with Future Net Zero to offer our clients a pathway to carbon reduction. This is achieved via the use of carbon accounting software and consultancy services, but also through renewable energy procurement.

Adding Drax to our supplier portfolio will allow our clients to access an even greater range of renewable tariffs, therefore making significant steps on their net zero journey.

About the Event

Aptly, Drax will offset all carbon produced by the Be Future Positive event. They also supported several great causes on the day, including the Ukraine appeal.

In addition to the presentations, there were several information pods, where delegates could find out more about the future of renewable energy.

To find out more about Drax’s work, visit their website.