A Colourful Day of Music and Smiles for a Good Cause

Our team attending the 2023 Color Obstacle Rush wearing colouful Tritility T-shirts
August 2, 2023
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Tritility Completes the Colour Obstacle Rush 2023 for 4Louis

We are proud to have raised £635 for 4Louis, funds that will support the charity in its important endeavours.

Last Saturday, seven members of our team completed the 5K Color Obstacle Rush challenge as part of our initiative to raise funds for our partner charity, 4Louis.

When we announced our charity of the year in April, we anticipated all opportunities to support 4Louis through volunteering, awareness initiatives, and fundraising events.

Earlier this year, our team volunteered in the 4Louis memory box workshops, creating heartfelt cards and packing some of the 1,500 memory boxes the charity sends out each month.

The Color Obstacle Rush was a new opportunity for our team to raise funds for our partner charity and spend a colourful day under the sun at Newcastle Racecourse in Gosforth.

4Louis’ devoted aid to thousands of North-eastern families

4Louis is a Sunderland-based charity running since 2009, providing support to families afflicted by the loss of a baby or child. Their loyal service to the community has made a tremendous change in thousands of families struggling with grief in the North East.

The charity provides services by post via memory boxes filled with mementos and keepsakes, such as hand and foot moulds, blankets, teddy bears, and other items that help families create lasting memories of their child.

Families can also benefit from the facilities at 4Louis, with access to bereavement family rooms and special equipment, training, and support forums, helping them get through this challenging time in a dignified and comforting way.

Our experience

This opportunity was more than just a fun challenge for our team – it was a chance to make a difference and get involved with a cause that provides invaluable service to the community.

Claire, our senior recruitment consultant who completed the Color Obstacle Rush, notes:

‘’The cause meant a lot to me as I have had friends who have sadly lost children. It’s so nice to give back to other families going through these sad times.’’

‘’The atmosphere was electric, and emotional too. The support and turnout for 4Louis was great with so many people coming together for a great cause.’’

Our business and finance analyst Amy found the experience just as rewarding:

‘’It was great to take part in the Colour Rush on Saturday. Louis’ grandad spoke to us all beforehand, which was great motivation and reminded us of what a brilliant charity we were there for.’’

A colourful anniversary held in Newcastle

The Color Obstacle Rush is one of the biggest runs held globally – a unique event combining the fun of colour powdered obstacle courses with a vibrant atmosphere of music and celebration.

Since 2013, they have held more than 200 events in 13 countries, with over half a million participants clearing 10 million obstacles and marking 2.5 million km of running, walking, and dancing.

This year, they celebrate 10 years of achievements in events across Europe, making it the perfect occasion for a special day of celebration in Newcastle.

Respecting the environment

The Newcastle Color Obstacle Rush took place in a welcoming, inclusive event village organised under sustainable objectives. As part of their mission to provide all participants with a day of fun while respecting the environment, the CRO organisation has switched the colour of powder bags from plastic to paper. The powder used in the course is 100% corn starch so participants can use it freely without harming environment. All water cups provided at the event were also made from paper using limited packing materials.

The Newcastle Racecourse at Gosforth Park received visitors from throughout the North East who enjoyed the festive village with family and friends, making the best of the onsite facilities, glitter painting stations, merch spots, water stations, and catering services.

We will continue to support 4Louis through volunteering days and fundraising events, raising awareness of the invaluable support they offer to bereaved families.