Our Values

The Things That Matter to Us

Our values underpin everything we do, from employee wellbeing to customer care. Here we outline our six core values and what they mean for those we work with.

We Put People First

Our people are the heart and soul of our business, and looking after their wellbeing is in our DNA. We’re proud to be a Mindful Employer, a Disability Confident Employer, and a provider of Mental Health First Aid.

We’re committed to training our staff and supporting them to advance their careers. All internal vacancies are advertised to existing employees first, with a guaranteed interview for internal applicants. Our team managers play a key role in building a positive culture, and are given the autonomy and resources to do so.

We were the first North East business energy consultancy to gain Living Wage Employer accreditation. In addition to paying people fairly, we offer a range of benefits to support people through the good times and the bad.

We Build Strong Relationships

We place a great deal of emphasis on relationships. It sets us apart from our peers and helps us form lasting partnerships with our clients.

Retention is the backbone of our business model, so signing up a new client, partner or supplier is only the beginning. We work just as hard throughout our time together, no matter the size or nature of the client’s operation.

Our teams collaborate and support each other to meet our common goal: delivering outstanding service.

We’re Sustainable

Our business was founded with scalability and growth in mind. But with growth comes a responsibility to build a stable, sustainable future.

We know that what’s good for business in the short term doesn’t always work in the long term. So we take a pragmatic, clear-sighted approach to decision making, with one eye always on the horizon.

We in the energy industry are uniquely positioned to positively impact our planet’s future. That’s why we empower our clients to manage their carbon footprint. We always present them with low carbon or carbon neutral options, and provide tools and advice to help them take control of their energy use.

We lead by example: we’re powered by renewables and working towards becoming carbon neutral.

We Advise, We Don’t Sell

We aren’t a price comparison service. We advise, empower and support our clients to make the right choices through tailored, one-to-one consultancy and a wealth of energy management tools.

We work with more than 20 suppliers to find the best possible proposal. When we make recommendations, we always do so based on what’s best for the client.

Our proactive Client Support team makes regular check-ins with every client to make sure they get the most out of our service.

We Celebrate Achievement

 We celebrate employees’ day-to-day successes, no matter the size. We recognise that achievement isn’t just about numbers. It comes in many forms, and we seek out and reward the small acts that often go overlooked.

From work anniversaries to career advancements, we take pride in each other’s progress and celebrate life’s milestones together.

We Do What We Say

Transparency is hugely important to us, and we always deliver on what we say. We never hide behind confusing jargon.

We voluntarily subscribe to a TPI code of practice. This helps us build the robust framework we need to deliver on our values and provide good service. This complements our own rigorous compliance and auditing processes. If something doesn’t go to plan, we’ll make it our priority to get it back on track.