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New Energy Connection – About

Getting your business or new premises connected for electricity, gas, and water can be extremely complex and time-consuming.

A new electricity connection can be required whether you are:

  • Moving into new business premises
  • Moving into an older property without the correct meter
  • Moving into a building with a disconnected supply
  • Connecting a temporary supply whilst conducting building works.

There are many complex processes involved in setting up a new meter and electricity connection:

  • Finding the correct distribution network operator (DNO) to get your meter number
  • Dealing with the meter install
  • Dealing with any works which may be required to get the supply to the door
  • Negotiating a good price and contract length on your energy supply

However, there is a much more elegant and streamlined way to do it. Let us do the work for you!

Our experts can work for your business throughout the process, whilst ensuring all work is completed as cost-efficiently as possible.

New Energy Connection – Upfront Costs

The costs associated with any new meter install or getting a new energy connection from the mains supply can take valuable resources from your initial budget. They can also prove to be time consuming, complex and costly if not managed correctly.

Our agents can often mitigate many of these costs on your behalf.

New Energy Connection – The Process

There are two main processes we follow here at Tritility when dealing with a new energy connection which ensures you get the best possible service.

Process 1 (If you already have a meter number):

  • Source and deliver multiple pre-negotiated price and contract options
  • Source and arrange for meter install
  • Manage the meter install process
  • Manage new energy contract onboarding

Process 2 (No Meter Number and/or No Live Supply):

The second process is enacted if you don’t have a meter number and/or there is no live supply going to the site or building.

  • Source and deliver multiple pre-negotiated price and contract options
  • Source meter and arrange install
  • Manage the meter install process
  • Manage new energy contract onboarding
  • Arrange and manage meter install surveys
  • Arrange and manage any site works

New Energy Connection – Timings

Arranging and managing an electric meter install and supply can be a difficult process. Unless you have an intimate knowledge of what is required and the right contacts, it can often cause unnecessary delays or in the worst-case scenario prevent your business from being able to trade on time.

Approximate timings are as follows:

  • Full market research and delivery of bespoke contract options: 48 hours
  • Meter Install: 7 to 10 days
  • Site Works: Dependent on the scale and scope of works

Due to our experience, we cut out delays and ensure we push to get all works completed as quickly as possible on your behalf.

So why not get in touch today and take the hard work out of getting your business connected?

Why use Tritility?

We guarantee to save your business money on your current providers initial energy renewal quote.

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This depends on your current energy agreement, however we always guarantee to be cheaper than your initial energy renewal quote - if we're not, we'll pay you £500*! For clients on out of contract or deemed rates, we typically save businesses 40% on average on their monthly bill.
You can get a quote from us in minutes and if you're happy and would like to proceed, we'll take care of all of the paperwork for you. You could be saving money with your new supplier in as little as 14 days!
We're proud to be fully independent energy consultants with no tie to any particular business energy supplier. This means that we can focus on recommending the best supplier for your business.

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We only work with established and reputable business utility suppliers. With recent stories of a number of smaller energy suppliers going bust, it is important that you have the faith in any supplier that we recommend, that's why we only work with the best! Some of the suppliers we work closely with are shown here, though we can access many other suppliers on the market through our partnerships, should this be relevant for your business.

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