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MOP Contracts Made Easy

What is a MOP Contract?

A MOP (Half Hourly Meter Operator Contract) agreement is a legally required contract for all half-hourly (HH) electricity meters and is often sold as a 5-year contract that is invoiced directly from your Meter Operator.

These meters provide a more accurate measurement of your electricity consumption, which is then passed onto your chosen energy supplier or a DC/DA (Data Collector/ Data Aggregator) provider of your choice.

Why you may need a MOP Contract?

MOP contracts are a legal requirement for those with a half-hourly (HH) meter and those affected by P272 legislation.

Sites that have a maximum electricity demand of over 100kW must have an HH meter. HH meters must be installed by a meter operator chosen by you.

A MOP agreement must first be established before a meter can be installed. After installation, the MOP contract can be agreed upon.

The benefits of a MOP Contract

As your Meter Operator will be passing accurate data to your electricity supplier, you will receive more accurate prices only for the energy you use, rather than costs based purely on your supplier’s estimates.

Your Meter Operator will take care of all installation and maintenance requirements for your HH or NHH meter. This includes maintaining the communication line between you and your supplier or DC/DA to ensure data is continuously passed on.

Ensuring seamless communication from your meter to your electricity supplier in order to get the best price for your consumption, consider a MOP contract.

How Tritility can help

Unlike other MOP providers, Tritility can use our relationships with the UK’s energy suppliers to secure MOP contracts of varying lengths to suit you.

We can also offer supply contracts which will include the MOP free of charge, so you won’t have to pay a separate charge.

Tritility is a completely independent service. We work for you, not the suppliers. We will negotiate the most cost-effective contract on your behalf and provide you with a dedicated account manager throughout the life of the contract. Your account manager will deal with any issues on your behalf or work with you to improve your business’s energy efficiency.

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We guarantee to save your business money on your current providers initial energy renewal quote.

If we can’t, we’ll advise you to stay where you are. And we’ll pay you £500.

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This depends on your current energy agreement, however we always guarantee to be cheaper than your initial energy renewal quote - if we're not, we'll pay you £500*! For clients on out of contract or deemed rates, we typically save businesses 40% on average on their monthly bill.
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We're proud to be fully independent energy consultants with no tie to any particular business energy supplier. This means that we can focus on recommending the best supplier for your business.

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