Feeling left in the dark?

Have you been affected by the collapse of Utilitywise?

Are you a former Utilitywise client? Has your business been affected by the collapse of Energy Broker Utilitywise?

Tritility are your answer. We are offering a Utilitywise client promotion – providing free of charge account management services for all former Utilitywise clients who have been affected by their collapse.

Our experts can offer you ongoing support including: Capacity Reviews, Bill Validation/Billing Queries, Energy Renewals etc. We also support you and your business if your needs change (moving premises, expanding your business etc). In essence, we provide all of the ongoing support that we provide as standard to all of our clients. Click here to take advantage of this amazing offer.

These services are offered free of charge and without any catch or obligation. We hope of course, that as our relationship develops, you will trust us to act as your energy broker when the time comes to renew your energy contracts.


I need advice about my existing contract.

Speaking to your existing supplier is an option, however as an independent broker, we have no affiliation to any particular supplier and therefore you can be sure that the advice given is impartial and the best for your business.

We have compiled a list of some of the questions we are most frequently asked by former Utilitywise clients. If you can’t see the answer to your question on there, feel free to contact us for free, independent advice.

Questions frequently asked by

Former Utilitywise Clients

If Utilitywise arranged your last energy contract, it is likely that your current energy supplier will contact you before the end of your contract to offer to renew your contract. Whilst this may seem like the easiest option, it is extremely unlikely to be the most cost effective for your business. Tritility guarantee to beat the initial renewal quote offered by your existing supplier by analyzing the market for you. We back up this guarantee with a £500 cash promise - if we can't beat your initial renewal quote, we will pay you £500. Click here to see how easy it is to compare quotes with Tritility
Although Utilitywise acted as an introducer, your supply agreement was with a Utility Provider. Your contract remains in place for the original term of the agreement.
As your agreement was with a utility provider, not Utilitywise PLC, it is not affected by the failure of Utilitywise and you are unable to cancel it due to Utilitywise's collapse.
Your bill will be totally unaffected by the collapse of Utilitywise.
Utilitywise PLC (Utilitywise) entered administration on 13/2/19. Shortly after entering administration, it was announced that Utilitywise would cease trading. Further information can be found on the official Utilitywise website.
As a business also based in the North East of England, we were deeply saddened to learn that Utilitywise was ceasing to trade and of the redundancy of hundreds of our Utilitywise colleagues. We appreciate that this has been a very stressful experience and period for all former Utilitywise employees. If you are looking for another position within the Energy industry, Tritility are offering a guaranteed interview for any former Utilitywise Employee who applies for any of our vacant positions.