As your energy partner, we are proud to subscribe to the energy industry TPI (Third Party Intermediary) Code of Practice. Our adoption of this voluntary code demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that our clients are treated fairly and ethically, and that we deliver the level of service that our clients rightly expect and deserve.

We openly commit to the following:

Honesty & Integrity
We will act with honesty and integrity at all times. Our written sales materials are honest, accurate and clear and when we speak to you we will be truthful and genuine at all times.

We will at all times accurately describe and explain who we are, the services we provide and how we are paid for these services. This will include, upon request, a full breakdown of commissions that will be paid to us for arranging your energy contract(s). Our relationship with you will be governed by a written letter of authority which outlines the activities you permit us to undertake on your behalf (such as comparing energy quotes or contacting your current utility suppliers to gain information about your energy usage). We will never take any actions on your behalf for which you have not explicitly given your written consent.

We will, at all times, treat you with respect and sensitivity. We will never exploit a clients inexperience or use misleading sales tactics. We respect your privacy and will immediately cease contacting you if requested.

No pressure selling
We will not use high pressure sales techniques or attempt to mislead you into doing anything until you fully understand your position and feel totally confident and ready to make a decision.

We will at all times comply with all relevant legislation, including but not limited to:
• OFGEM Supply Licence Condition 7a
• OFGEM’s Standards of Conduct
• Data Protection Act 1998 & General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
• AUDDIS (Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service)
• Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations

We will maintain secure digital records of our correspondence, which will include audio recordings of any verbal utility contract sales. This is to protect all parties in the event of a subsequent dispute or request for clarification. You may request a copy of these records at any time (please click here for more information).

Putting things right
We recognise that despite our best efforts, things can go wrong and that, on occasion, the service that we provide can fall of the high standards that we set ourselves. In this instance, we encourage you to refer to our complaints procedure which outlines the steps we will take to put things right for you. We treat any complaint as a learning opportunity and once your complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction, you can expect a follow up from us outlining any changes we have made to our code of practice having learned from your experience to prevent a reoccurrence. Our complaints procedure is, of course, totally separate to your right (if you are a Microbusiness Customer) to escalate any complaint relating to your energy supply to the Energy Ombudsman.