11 reasons to use an energy broker instead of a price comparison website.

Price comparison sites are often praised for helping to revolutionise the energy market. By allowing customers to see a wide range of energy packages side-by-side, they’ve helped to drive down prices across the industry.

But many businesses may find they can get better energy rates and benefits by utilising the proficient knowledge and experience of an energy broker – like Tritility.

So here are 11 reasons why you should use an energy broker – like us – instead of a price comparison site.

1) We have unbiased market knowledge that could secure you better energy rates

The energy market is well known for its fluctuating prices. A political upheaval, a new tax, or a discovery of new oil fields are all unpredictable. But they can all have dramatic effects on the price of energy. Trying to make sense of these can be very challenging for businesses outside of the energy field!

To secure the best rates, you’ll need to sign a fixed rate contract when energy prices are low. And avoid them when they’re high.

A price comparison site will only list the energy rates of suppliers at that particular point in time. What they don’t tell you, is that by waiting a week or two more, the energy price might be lower.

We can use our expert knowledge and extensive experience of the market to explain previous trends to you. A price comparison website has one message – “buy now”. Our suggestion may be the same, or it may be that your business might benefit from waiting before renewing your energy. Either way, we back up our recommendations with independent, verified facts and statistics and always leave the final decision up to you.

2) We could save you even more money by leveraging our inside contacts

Through our day-to-day work and attendance of industry events, we have formed strong relationships with many energy providers.

We can use our inside contacts to negotiate an even better energy rate for your business.

Price comparison sites have helped to bring down energy prices, but we find that the best deals are often only available to those in the know.

3) We can bundle your electricity, gas, and water requirements together

We take a holistic approach to your energy to ensure you get the best deal across all energy types.

This could mean that rather than treating each energy type as separate, we’ll instead bundle them together before sending your requirements to suppliers, meaning you benefit from the buying power of all of your business energy requirements, not just a single supply.

This could mean you’re offered a better price than if you had signed a separate contract for each energy type. This benefit is not offered by comparison sites.

4) We can bundle your requirements with other customers that could secure you better rates

Some of our clients are likely to have similar energy requirements to you.

Rather than negotiating rates for each one individually, we might instead bundle your needs with others into one package.

We then offer this package to energy providers to bid on.

Through this combined buying power, the prices we receive from suppliers are often lower than if those companies had applied individually through a price comparison site.

5) We can save you time by managing the switching process

Even if you find a reasonable rate on a price comparison site, you’ll still need to complete various forms, read your T&Cs, and sign the contract. This can take a lot of time, and much effort.

We can manage this process end-to-end for you so that the switchover is as seamless as possible. This allows you to focus on running your business and innovating new products for your customers.

6) We go beyond headline rate when looking at the cost.

A contract is made up of more than just the unit price. There can be dozens of other charges on your bill, before we even consider the non-cost elements; contract length, exit clauses, and refunds all need to be considered before you sign.

At Tritility, we’ll advise you on the contract options that best meet your requirements. Moreover, we can help explain any confusing terms or the implications of a decision you make.

We’ll go beyond the ‘headline rate’ to give you a full cost breakdown to ensure that the contract you take really is the best value for your business.

Price comparison sites tend to focus on price when ranking results, and not on the other vital aspects that make a quality contract.

7) We can help you avoid falling foul to expensive rollover contracts

Many energy contracts come with confusing terms and conditions. And often there will only be a short window in which to cancel your current contract and switch to a new one.

Unless you’re actively reading the T&Cs, then you could find yourself trapped in an expensive rollover contract.

We can help you to understand your contract and exit clauses better. More importantly, we track and manage your supply contracts and will be in contact with you well in advance to discuss the most appropriate time to search the market for renewal options. With Tritility keeping an eye on your energy contracts, you’ll never pay out of contract or rollover rates again.

8) Tritility offer complimentary account management

We’ll help manage your account and relationship with your supplier throughout the course of your contract. We do this by giving you a dedicated account manager who will try to understand your business and requirements.

So, if you need to query a bill, submit a meter reading or simply raise a question, you have a single point of contact to ask. There’s no need to chase your suppliers’ various departments or become lost with the status of your query.

9) We can help you manage various contracts across your business sites

This is linked to the benefit above. It can quickly become confusing if you must manage many contracts with different suppliers across different sites. Each contract is likely to have different T&Cs, different renewal dates, and different prices.

But your dedicated account manager can act as your one point of call for all these suppliers and contracts.

Additionally, we can work with you to manage your contracts so that they start and end at the same time. And if possible, we can even place all your contracts with one supplier, giving you just one bill to pay.

10) We can check your processes for extra efficiency savings

Often, the most significant energy savings won’t come from merely switching to a cheaper rate.
Instead, you could reap more considerable savings by changing your operations and processes.

At Tritility we can check the way you use energy and make recommendations on changes that could save you money.

For example, we might suggest you move your most energy-intensive activities to a different time of day. Or, we may arrange and fit new energy meters that provide more accurate billing.

Research has shown that a 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales in many businesses. (Source: The Carbon Trust) So, reducing your energy costs could improve the financial health of your business.

A price comparison site may allow you to switch to a cheaper rate. But you could be missing out on additional savings by not using an energy broker.

11) We validate your bills and give you reassurance

Energy providers can produce confusing bills. You could be charged different rates at different times of day, which may all be listed as separate lines on your invoice. And, there may be extra charges as well.

With all this in mind, it can sometimes be hard to deduce whether you are paying the correct amount for your energy.

We can confirm your bill is correct by performing checks after each billing period. We can then advise you if we believe you’re overpaying and manage the resolution with the supplier.


At Tritility we go beyond the services of a price comparison site. And we could save you both money and time.

We’d love to talk to you about how we could save you money and help transform your business. Please get in touch if you’re interested in learning more.

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